Welcome to Agatòs Syntagma

We are an Italian company strongly oriented towards analysis, prevention and management of risks. We attend to the protection of company assets and to the implementation of management systems for command and control.


Operational bases

Agatòs Syntagma offices are placed in Italy and are supported by its foreign offices and consultants.


About us

Agatòs Syntgama drew its inspiration from the Greek words “a group of good results”


Our team is made up of experts who have cross-skills in every field of security systems and in business protection.

Carry On

Our projects and our services respond to all needs for security, analysis and prevention.

Our History

Agatòs was born out of the experience of its shareholders and partners who began in 1970 to work and to create a culture of protection of public and private assets. Yet its expertise, matured thanks to the individual experiences directly linked within the family tradition, since back to 1855.